July 29, 2018

Unity is Changing The World

Passage: Acts 15:22-35

Bible Text: Acts 15:22-35 | Preacher: Brent Hisayasu | Series: Unstoppable Church

Big Idea: Pursue Unity around the gospel

5 Ways You Can Intentionally Demonstrate Gospel Unity Today

Team up with gospel believing coworkers to evangelize in your workplace
Expose your children to your church family by inviting other church families into your home
Humbly listen to those who agree about the gospel but disagree on lesser things
Carefully control your tone and terminology when conversing on less than essential issues
Never publicly shame a gospel shame a gospel proclaimer or gospel proclaiming church

Pursuing unity is hard work but worth it
Pursue unity by prioritizing gospel truth

Guidelines for Christian Conduct:

In essentials: unyielding
In foundational truths: lovingly persuading
In important truths: humble conversation
In everything: humility

3. Pursue Unity by forsaking personal freedoms